Training & Internship Dept. is an arm of SLIT which depicts to educational and knowledge sharing front of it.
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Internship Projects

A Songs aggregator website which displays and plays the stored songs. It also has control functions like Song Play/Stop, Volume increase/decrease, Previous/Next button & some other controls along with Admin Panel support.
It's a Software developed using Python which automates the usage of WhatsApp for sending Text Messages, Images with Caption or any Document to hundred's or thousand's of contacts at great speed with browser automation technology.
PicsPalace is basically a website made for professional photographers and Photoshoot Companies. This website has eye-catching UI and creative design of the elements used. Website is reponsive along with Admin Panel Support.
Activity Monitor
An application developed using Python to monitor the Real-Time activities of employees in an organization. It automatically captures the screenshots of employee's PC and stores it on Google Drive, also calculates the total Idle Time of the PC.
Auto Attendence Marker And Salary Calculator
This is how Employee's attendence can be recorded based on first and last Appearance in the Camera(CCTV) and automatic salary calculation can be done
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